[SOLVED] Xamarin Forms iOS build error: An inconsistency between the local app and the remote build has been detected for _____. Please rebuild the application and try again.


there’s tons of hits on this but for me it seems to somehow be a “corrupt” solution file…

solution == new solution ; )

i spun up a new xam cross platform project solution and simply readded my existing PCL and iOS projects from the broken solution and it built and deployed to simulator just fine

keeping the old solution around for a rainy day diff


  • i am running Visual Studio 2017 RTM (15.0.0-RTW+26228.4) but i’m pretty sure i ran into this on VS2015 a while back as well.
  • tried upgrading all Windows and Mac bits to latest Xamarin Alpha
  • tried upgrading to the latest XCode (8.2.1)
  • walked throught the majority of this connection troubleshooting opus at the ready (gee Xam dudes, problems here much?)…
  • tried Clearing the Mac Build cache
  • enabled verbose logs (c:\> devenv /log)
  • there’s just nothing logged out to any of the Mac or Windows log folders for that error
  • i had another solution lying around that i created about a month ago when i ran into this error (same projects)… i just loaded it up and got the “inconsistency” error on the first run attempt, but then it actually went thru and launched the simulator upon second try – go figure

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