Developer Blog Engine Requirements


  • Currently on WordPress…
  • Got a little itch to upgrade to Ghost from recent Twitter buzz

Recording favored blog functionalities to consider towards switching engines

Feature WordPress Ghost
Self hosting just something to keep in mind… e.g. they specifically state not chasing nodeJS latest versions
Search Built-in works great No turnkey solution yet, GhostHunter, Ghost-Search
Code Highlighting Crayon is great drop in via css/js includes, e.g Prism
Social Auto Post SNAP is nice IFTT integration
Markdown (MD) Yes, but biggest disappointment1 smooth MD editing story was my biggest temptation of TryGhost
Speed a bit pokey self hosted supposed to be peppier
Database MySQL MySQL, PostGress or SQLite… which for example makes the compatibility footprint challenging for search
Comments you might want to fire up 3rd party comment engine like Disqus from the get go, to facilitate easy porting to another engine

  1. I’ve really had to fight to meet my expectations with MarkDown on WordPress… I still don’t have a RELIABLE live visual preview plugin (they’re all broken one way or another – PrettyPress, WP-Markdown, etc)… managed to get working crayon highlighting nested under MD bullets syntax by using [crayon] tag instead of ``` 

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