Hacking ATI x1300 into Mac OS X (Latest = Snow Leopard v10.6.8)

[Update: 2012 March 29] A commenter has his 7146 X1300 running Lion via EvoEnabler and no other mods… if you have a x1300 card that’s not cooperating with Lion, it would be interesting to try patching your bios to report a 7146 deviceid and see what happens… see the related comments below for links to corresponding tools.

[Update: 2011 Sep 3] See here for my successful transition to cheap, fanless, 3 Display capable replacement for the x1300.

Here are the main tweaks in a nutshell (“S/L/E” = System / Library / Extensions path on your OSX system drive):
  • S/L/E/ATI1300Controller.kext (this yielded proper resolution and dual display)
    • info.plist: replace 7187 with 7183
  • S/L/E/ATIRadeonX1000.kext (this enabled QE/CI … it sure is nice to see that dashboard ripple the first time! 🙂
    • info.plist: replace 7187 with 7183
    • MacOS/ATIRadeonX1000: replace HEX 8771 with 8371 (these are the reverse hex thingy)
  • Extracom.apple.Boot.plist (This is absolutely crucial, it’s what signals Chameleon to invoke it’s magic ATI juju, this file changes to org.chameleon.Boot.plist in Chameleon 2.0 RC5)

Further info on ATIRadeonX1000.kext/MacOS/ATIRadeonX1000:

  • it’s key to look for 81 FA prior to 87 71 (explanation here)
  • V10.6.3 upgrade: offsets => 2D58F, B0C65
  • v10.6.4 upgrade: offsets => 2D3BF, B0FEF
  • v10.6.6 upgrade: offsets => 2D363, B1185
  • v10.6.7 upgrade: offsets => (exactly same as v10.6.6)
  • v10.6.8 upgrade: offsets => 2E26F & B2A27 … I required EvoEnabler.kext in addition this time around… find it on www.kexts.com: … look for the ones pre-patched for X1000 series, then replace the framebuffer string (typically “Alopias” or “Wormy”) with “Sphyrna” (dual link DVI) or “Caretta” (single link DVI) document.forms[‘kexts_search_form’].elements[“query”].value = ‘EvoEnabler’;which apparently are the framebuffers compatible with our RV516 card and still supported in 10.6.8+.


  • v10.7.0 – ATI1300Controller.kext works as usual and readily provides full res… but unfortunately QE/CI via ATIRadeonX1000 is proving more difficult… there’s 4 possible hits on 8771 in ATIRadeonX1000, but none of them are prefixed with our tried and true “cmp edx, 7187h” = “81 FA 87 71” … the bytes @B3B6A look promising with “81 F9” prefix, which would presumably be a very similar opcode, like cmp ecx… but I got an instant KP when patched that way and kextload’ed… would of course love to hear anyone else getting this to work … Lion looks nice, we finally get re-size grab handles on all sides/corners of a window (just like Windows)… and the little trick where it’ll reload everything back up after a reboot is kind of cool too.

Full Disclosure… These are the other tweaks in play on my Hackintosh:

  • DSDT.aml –
  • Bootloader –
    • PC-EFI v10.6 (Tony Mac’s handy install package)
    • [Update: 2011 Aug 10] I’m currently running v10.6.8 & 10.7 via Chameleon 2.0 RC5 r1329 patched by Azimutz as described here
      • Lion requires some new magic bits only found in new booters like Cham2RC5 (friendly UI installer pkg’s here; fresh binary-only auto-builds here).
      • Note: Cham2RC5 changes the com.apple.Boot.plist standard to org.chameleon.Boot.plist
      • One key thing to keep in mind is that once you get an RCx of Chameleon installed via friendly package, one generally need copy only a new “/boot” file of a more recent build… all the other bits (seem to) stay the same until you hit another major RCy milestone.
      • The next hurdle one with our kind of “legacy” ATI video card runs into is that the Chameleon team has decided to cast off the “legacy” bits that were keeping our little x1300 in the game thus far :(, presumably so they can maintain a more nimble code base going forward … can’t say I blame them.
      • FORTUNATELY, Azimutz, has taken it upon himself to resurrect our legacy bits in new form… the way I interpret that post, Azimutz is piggybacking an existing chameleon “plug-in” approach that runs via a new “/Extras/Modules” folder…in our case, we toss in a binary named “ATIGraphicsEnabler.dylib” which represents the missing bits of our wayward card.  Make sure when Azimutz gives you back your new binary, that you take note of which .dylib, AMD or ATI, that’ he actually compiles your specific DevID into. I missed that at first… nice thing is, you can simply hex edit to see where yours is… use the source code as your guide 🙂
      • Azimutz is really doing some serious community service… He is literally taking requests for missing DevID’s and feeding the huddled masses with daily builds!  What a guy!!!
      • I submitted the specific details of this x1300 and Azimutz got back to me with a new binary in less than a day!!
      • NOTE: You must be logged in to see the link for the latest binary download zip file!!!  Then, you’ll find a link like “i386_r1223_a.zip” at the VERY bottom of Azimutz’ first post, just above his sig block… otherwise, the link is totally missing and not called out in any way… this totally threw me at first!! 🙂

Terminal: kextstat | grep ATI
(note, contrary to Eric’s feedback on 29 Jan 2011, ATISupport is loaded)

    69 2 0x5dfa5000 0x32000 0x31000 com.apple.kext.ATISupport (6.2.6) <68 14 13 7 5 4 3 1>
    81 0 0x5e0dd000 0x21000 0x20000 com.apple.kext.ATI1300Controller (6.2.6) <69 68 14 13 5 4 3 1>
    86 0 0x5e32b000 0x5b000 0x5a000 com.apple.ATIRadeonX1000 (6.2.6) <82 68 14 7 6 5 4 3 1>
    91 0 0x5e286000 0x13000 0x12000 com.apple.kext.ATIFramebuffer (6.2.6) <69 68 14 13 7 5 4 3 1>

My Hardware:
Mobo: ASUS P5E3 Premium WiFi @N
Video: Dell JJ461 Low Profile ATI x1300 Pro, 256MB DDR2, PCI-E 1.0 x16, Dev ID: 0x7183, GPU: RV516
Displays: 24” LCD: Soyo Privé Topaz LC MT-GW-PRLM24D4
Projector: Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 720

Misc Notes:

  • SL = Snow Leopard from here on out
  • KP = Kernel Panic
  • QE/CI = Quartz Extreme / Core Image
  • S/L/E = System / Library / Extensions path on your OSX system drive.
  • E/E = Extra / Extensions path (comes into play with bootloaders like Chameleon or PC-EFI)
  • Since there are scores of full blown install guides, I am just focusing on some pertinent observations during my little adventure to get an ATI x1300 Pro running under SL
  • I ran down every lead I could find to get my Sapphire ATI Radeon 3870 HD fully working with QE/CI.
    • The ATI 3870 is a really bad example of how narrow the OS X hardware compatibility path can be…
    • it’s still a very beefy card by any means…
    • and there are actually Mac specific 3870’s that obviously work fine
    • but the run of the mill PC-only ATI 3870 is an absolute no go
    • many have tried… best explanation I’ve read is that the PC version’s ROM space is 64k vs. 128k in the Mac version.
  • The funny thing is, I notice no difference between the ATI X1300 and the ATI 3870 for my actual usage…
    • I found this X1300 card on eBay for only $31!!
    • And it works like a champ in both OS X and Win 7 (obviously I’m not a gamer 🙂
    • Full QE/CI does indeed work in OSX with no mouse tearing or any other known downsides
    • Aero runs perfectly in Win 7
    • AVI, MOV, MKV videos play great in VLC on both sides
    • It’s fanless (literally silent)
    • I’m kicking myself for going with the noisy, expensive ATI 3870 in the first place! Boy was I wrong about my video hardware requirements.
    • [Update: 30 Jun 2010] Ok so Photoshop CS5 is way cool (try the new “Refine Edge” button under the Quick Selection Tool, they’ve amazingly solved the classic carving-out-hair-from-a-background problem) … anyway, PS CS5 barked at me about a few things it wasn’t going to manage in 3D mode with the AT X1300… and some other motions were a little more pokey than i’d like… so there is some reason to miss my beefier card.
    • [Update: 14 Jul 2010] Loaded the latest ATI drivers (duh) and Photoshop CS5 was then happy with all the OpenGL bits it was previously missing… so the little ATI x1300 really is all I need. [Upate: 28 Oct 2010] Actually, enabling hardware acceleration in Photoshop wasn’t quite as easy as I originally thought.
    • [Update: 01 Feb 2011] Photoshop CS5 on the Mac side has no such issues recognizing this card.
    • [Update: 12 Aug 2011] CS5 under Win7 64bit behaved properly straight away.
  • My main objective was iMovie which requires QE/CI.
  • Twin DVI displays are functioning at full resolution (see SwitchResX comments below).  My x1300 has a “DMS-59” connector which is split into two standard independent DVI connectors via a Y-cable.  Primary DVI is connected to my LCD and the secondary DVI is adapted to HDMI for my projector.
    • for some cazy reason the settings for each display were flipped!?! the projector thought it was the LCD and vice versa… nothing helped…
    • so i used SwitchResX to copy the low level settings from each display and apply them to the other… amazingly that worked great… i can’t change resolutions very conveniently, but i don’t care to anyway.
  • One soon realizes the key to this silly game is rapid reboots… eliminate everything that delays seeing the result of another attempt… because you have to be ready for a TON of trial and error here… SSD’s help!! 🙂
  • ***Crucial** – Make sure to have something like MacDrive at the ready (see “Handy Utils” below)… one often needs to back out an errant configuration change… accessing your Mac’s system drive from a running Windows environment is one convenient way… make sure to type in “-f” when Chameleon comes up to ignore the previously built kext cache and rebuild based on currently present kexts.
  • I liked the BootCD based guide at: http://tonymacx86.blogspot.com/2009/12/install-os-x-snow-leopard-directly-from.html
  • [Update: 29 Oct 2010] TonyMac has been busy… these are the latest recommended guides for streamlined install and the iBoot
    • but I sure am glad I saved my old iBoot-ATI-10 image!!!

the new iBoots are running on recent builds of a branch of Chameleon 2.0 RC5 called “Chimera”… see my RC5 notes above, we need to hack our legacy bits back in to even get booted into iBoot/Chameleon now… so it’s nice to still have an old iBoot handy that “just works” in a pinch

  • This is also a really good no-nonsense run through of all the pertinent points.
    • Noteworthy: SL has a new mkext location, different from Leopard.
  • Handy Utils:

    • 0xED (Mac) – Is your friend when it comes to making the necessary HEX code changes to .kext files (aka “binary or bin editing”)
    • Cygnus Hex Editor (Win) – This is what I use for bin editing under Windows, anything will do.  In Cygnus, make sure you remember to turn off “insert” mode when twiddling bytes… inserting a byte is way different than changing one 🙂
    • plist Editor (Win)– Windows doesn’t have a native xml value editor like Mac for editing files like info.plist’s… this one is free. But again, pretty much anything will do for these minimal edits, including good ol’ notepad.
    • Kext Helper b7 (Mac) – Good stuff, but hangs up on me after it’s done, it doesn’t quit cleanly, always had to “force quit”… anybody know a more stable alternative???
    • Console (Mac) – find under Applications > Utility 
      • Select the “System.log” – my experience was that Snow Leo would immediately attempt to load new .kexts as soon as they were installed by Kext Helper… reboots still seem necessary to realize the full effect of a new kext… but by watching the system.log, I got immediate feedback if the kexts just installed ran into some kind of error… i.e. you save on some reboots, crucial to this process!!… e.g. “kernel type blah blah” message immediately made me realize I was in 64bit kernel mode and some kexts I was toying with (ATIInject perhaps) were apparently 32bit only.
      • SwitchResX (Mac) – This is what allowed me to get my dual display settings working… see notes under AT1300Controller.kext above
      • Paragon NTFS – only NTFS solution I’ve found so far to work under Lion… unfortunately it’s not free but $20 is very reasonable
      • SL-NTFS – NTFSMounter wasn’t cooperating for me any more under v10.6.8… SL-NTFS is slightly slicker with a prefpane and most importantly, it worked 🙂 Rats, the guy supporting SL-NTFS stopped as of 10.6.8
      • NTFSMounter (Mac) – SL finally has the native ability to WRITE to NTFS. It’s disabled by default (not the most confidence inspiring 😉  I have gotten a few CHKDSK pops when rebooting into Windows 7 after writing to the Windows main system drive but there were never any actual issues in the output… over time I’ve settled comfortably into writing to non-system NTFS drives from OSX or simply waiting ‘til I boot back into Windows and copying pending files over from my HFS drive via MacDrive.
      • MacDrive (Win) – This is great.  Perfectly clean access to your Mac drives from Windows.
      • DSDT Patcher GUI (Mac) – I generated my DSDT.aml and dropped it in the root folder of my Mac system drive… this seemed to eliminate an “AppleUSBUHCI” error I’d see in the flurry of messages during verbose boot.


        For my own reference… to see drives connected to the mobo’s Intel Matrix RAID controller (ICH9R) under RAID mode:

        • AppleAHCIPort.kext > info.plist > IOPCIPrimaryMatch: replace 0x3A228086 with ox28228086

        Note: as has been well documented, there are no drivers currently (nor planned??) which fully support the Intel Matrix RAID functionality (aka Intel “Rapid Storage Technology”) under OSX.  However, non RAID –and- RAID 1 volumes connected in to this controller in RAID mode do work just fine (with this little coaxing)… you obviously only want to access your RAID 1 drives in read-only mode since the Mac simply sees them as two distinct drives and any writes to either drive would immediately invalidate the mirror, perhaps to dire consequences.
        [Update: 2011 July 26] I finally went with a cheap HighPoint RAID1 card that has Mac as well as windows drivers… I love it!!

        83 Replies to “Hacking ATI x1300 into Mac OS X (Latest = Snow Leopard v10.6.8)”

        1. Hi, Brent.

          Greets from AZ.

          Would you happen to remember your thoughts for this item?

          [[ MacOS/ATIRadeonx1000: replace HEX 8771 with 8371 (these are the reverse hex thing) ]]

          I haven't been able to find any occurances of '8771' anywhere.


        2. To confirm I just checked my saved copy of the original "S-L-EATIRadeonX1000.kextContentsMacOSATIRadeonX1000" … I find two instances of 8771 at offsets 2D58F & B0C65…

          Make sure you're looking at the binary file all the way down in "ContentsMacOS" and not info.plist or something easy like that.

          Lemme know if you want actual files via email: BrentAnderson -at- Next-Technologies -dot- com

        3. In a "oh, duh" moment, I found the search drop down to switch from "text" to "hex" search. Which led to discovering search&replace.

          My bigger root evil was crashing on boot after changing Info.plist and binary files. Fixed after dechipering the myHack bootloader comments and correctly enabling GraphicEnabler=Y using the myHack boot loader (http://osx86.sojugarden.com/downloads).


        4. I'm using the same ATI Radeon X1300/X1150 Pro 265K PCIE + DSM-59 port. DevID (0x71381002).

          I have port-1 connected via DVI-I->HDMI@1920×1600 and port-2 connected via DVI-I->DVI-I@1680×1050.

          After patching the files and used the method of rebooting to single user, run 'pfix' (myHack 3.0) to rebuild caches, and reboot.

          My results almost matched yours. From bios -> boot -> driver activation both monitor mirrored output. Once the ATI driver kicked in both DSM/DVI ports had to be connected at the same time for either monitor to get a signal. Removing either port blanked both monitors. With both monitors connected the 1680×1050 monitor was over-driven as if receiving a 1920×1600 signal. Pretty sure this is true, unfortunately I don't have a pair of monitors available with the same resolution support to verify my opinion.

          Per SysPrefs, manipulating monitor-2 settings actually changed monitor-1. And monitor-2 settings matched the capabilities of monitor-1 on port-1. I was not able to affect monitor-2 on port-2 using any idea known to me; including SwitchRes. Confusing to play with to say the least.

          After 2 long days of try/test, it's time to throw in the towel on the X1300 and pony up for a simple DVI+HDMI nVidia for $40-$50 and be done with the aggravation! ;-

          For sure, I appreciate your efforts and posting the results. I for one, would not have gotten the X1300 to operate at all w/o this.

          Thank you!

        5. It's too bad you have to bail after making it through the hard part… SwitchResX is pretty overwhelming with all those screens and settings … but basically you just need to get into the one screen where all the raw settings are listed … I remember there were straightforward save/load settings type menu options under a lonely gear icon… i'd go make screen shots but of course my trial period is expired now… after you slam in the settings once, you don't need to use it again so i haven't gone back in.

          @"unfortunately I don't have a pair of monitors available with the same resolution support to verify my opinion" – i had that some problem but was able to get rudimentary output on both screens by dropping resolution down to a mode that was shared by both (e.g. 720p) just via SysPrefs > Displays.

          I've updated the list of tweaks to include GraphicsEnabler=Yes per your experience… i did have that setting as well.

          Good luck!

        6. Chief, hopefully you get this… I realized I must thank you for confirming the screwy display flip-flop problem… somehow, knowing that it's not something specific to my rig is reassuring… feedback is cool 🙂

        7. Alright, coach, I executed the game play again [ and again and again and again …]

          I have about 90% of the science of the root cause figured out, the remaining 10% is still voodoo (aka guessing in the absence of facts). I'll get around to the explanation later.

          Assuming your dual display configuration is still operational… I would appreciate if you would zip/send the following files to chiefgecko%at%gmail.com. With your plist compared to mine, I believe I can find the aberrant value causing the missing display.

          1 file has a fixed path name and 2 files are dynamic; here's how to find. Note, some of these are directories; be sure to zip up recursively blah blah.

          1) /Library/Preferences/com.apple.windowserver.plist

          2) From a terminal window, use following to find the username display prefs.
          $ cd $HOME/Library/Preferences/ByHost
          $ ls -ltr *windowserver*
          (choose the file with the most recent date/time)

          3) From a terminal window, use the following to find the system display prefs
          $ cd /System/Library/Displays/Overrides
          $ ls -ltr
          (most files will have mid'09 dates. If you have used SwitchRes on your machine, there should be 1-n files with more recent dates than mid'09. Chose the most recent directory)

          Thanks, Tim…

        8. hi Beej
          i was in your seat too!
          i tried the 3870 to run snow for a while! but finally got it working!
          got full resolution but no QE
          which same as you, i want to run iMovie

          so i decided to get the GTS 250
          man! what a difference, i tried with iAtkos S3
          banG! first install, full resolution and QE
          started iMovie and worked no problem

          but my sister computer, i want install snow too
          i have the X1300 ATI 512mb
          is it possible that i have to change all those HEX and others kexts?

        9. Thanks for the feedback… took a quick glance at iATKOS s3 V2, looks good… nice to have so many easy options at this point… GTS250 sounds juicy… way more hardware than i'd ever use 🙂

          Anyway, I would just try the three hex replacements in ATIRadeonX1000.kext and see if that does the trick… the rest of my list is just being extra thorough.

          There's always the chance that something like an updated ATIinject will eliminate the need to manually tweak kexts. Once I found a repeatable way to make mine work I stopped looking for a "better way". And I just don't have the brains to understand what's possible with DSDT.aml yet… it's so flexible there's likely to be a way to permanently hack anything in there… would love to achieve that level someday.

        10. hey i am stund
          i had my sister system running with 3870 but not QE for imovie right?
          but i replaced with her old X1300
          and boot it right away
          i did not need to change any hex or kexts

          i used the iAtkos S3
          it is working with QE because i have imovie working
          i am loving it

        11. That's great to know! I'm assuming there is some kind of ATIinject in iAtkos that's automatically tweaking the kexts. Snow Leo busted a lot of stuff that was working in Leo… They've probably just had enough time to iron it back out at this point… I installed several months ago and the auto stuff just wasn't doing the trick back then… it is great news.

        12. Thank you.
          I was able to enable QE/CI on my X1300.
          unfortunately I'm experiencing mouse pointer tearing effects… any idea on how to solve the problem?

        13. I had mouse tearing before tweaking AT1300Controller.kext so I'm wondering if you didn't get that quite right yet… a good way to tell what's loaded, from Terminal:

          kextstat | grep -i ati

          If the aforementioned kext's are not in the output then they are not loading, possibly due to not matching on the hardware ID… there are several different x1300 models out there… 7183 is for the particular Dell x1300 "Pro" I have… you need to confirm the exact hardware ID for yours… one way is to fire up something like "Everest" under Windows and look at your graphics card's details… it's pretty obvious there… here's a list I recently ran across which shows how many different x1300's there are: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?act=attach&type=post&id=59137

        14. You are correct about the ATI1300Controller.
          I had to disable (rename) the kext since it caused a kernel panic after I modified the info.plist…
          and I can't really understand the reason.

          By the way: I'm unable (I really don't know how) to change the resolution using switchResX.

          I'm going to ask your help on the resolution later. 😉
          Now I'm going to solve the kernel panic on 1300controller.

        15. @KP:
          . You are using something like kext helper to install your modified kexts, yes??

          . Also, did you do GraphicsEnabler=Yes? 'Chief' confirmed KP w/o that in his com.apple.Boot.plist

          . Proper resolution appears to be linked to ATI1300Controller as well… I'm assuming you'll still need to get cozy with switchResX since Chief confirmed the weird resolution "crisscross" issue I experienced.

          . This could be another (easier?) route: RadeonHD.kext to proper res… I'd be curious to know how that works for you versus twiddling ATI1300Controller (haven't tried it myself yet)… The latest version (26 May 2010) doesn't seem to have an EDID node in the info.plist (as mentioned in the [notes:] section) so I'm assuming they have greater confidence in the auto detect logic, maybe??

        16. My video card is exactly like yours with deviceId=0x7183
          I seem unable to boot with this kext. I even tried to hot load with kextload and obtained a panick. It seems something is wrong with that kext and my configuration but I can't understand why.
          Done. It is in my /Extra/com.apple.Boot.plist
          Kext installation:
          I tried several methods:
          – kext helper,
          – unix command line,
          – pfix
          the result is always the same.
          I tried forcing 1920×1200 in com.apple.Boot.plist.
          I only obtained 1600×1200… but it is better than 1024×768!
          no luck there. I'm having a kernel panic…

          I fear my snow leopard installation has something strange…

        17. Boy that is frustrating… I wish you luck.
          Have you tried 32bit kernel mode?
          Also have you watched what spits out in your System log when you load your tweaked ATI1300Controller.kext? (see "Console" in original post)
          I would send you my files if you want to try? (BrentAnderson -at- Next-Technologies -dot- com)
          Make sure to mention which OS X version you're on.

        18. I'm going to contact you soon.
          Just an update for future memory: I was able to load RadeonHD eliminating the kext related to my intel integrated card (AppleIntelGMAX1300.kext).

        19. Sounds like some good guesswork there… did RadeonHD.kext yield any new results for you?

          Also, another curiosity, my Kext Helper b7 _always_ requires a forced quit… it never closes cleanly… I do read other folks having this issue… what's your experience?

        20. I don't see any improvement. In my system RadeonHD load only if ATIRadeonx1000 is also loaded. I'm doing some test just now but I cannot see any difference.

          Same here.
          I have to force quit it. From what I can see from ps it generates another process which probably is the one rebuilding the cache.
          Personally I prefer unix command line.

        21. Yes, the notes make it sound as though one's ATIRadeonXx000.kext must be feeling copacetic for RadeonHD.kext to have any sway in the mix.

          Please do me the favor of pasting the nutshell kext permissions & cache rebuild command lines you use here for all posterity. I know that's a road very well traveled but I just don't have them handy.

          Interesting that RadeonHD has made a noticable difference in mouse visibility… proper resolution still absent I presume?

        22. I should also refresh the notion of injectors while you're at it… ATIinit.kext did give me proper resolution on the main screen… but nothing I tried would fire up the secondary screen… I don't remember any success with ATY_Init.kext… but i was a lot greener on all this back then too… one main point: RadeonHD.kext and injectors are mutually exclusive approaches… also I seem to remember ATIinject only working if it was in S/L/E not E/E where we'd prefer… this thread walks through obtaining the "EDID" key needed to configure ATIinject for specific card.

        23. Proper resolution for my mouse problem is still far away… 🙁

          For the unix command I use on Snow Leopard (I underline *Snow*):
          Installing a kext:
          sudo cp -R [original position] [/Extra/Extensions]
          sudo chmod -R 755 [name of the kext]
          sudo chown -R root:wheel [name of the kext]

          To regenerate the /Extra/Extensions cache:
          sudo kextcache -m /Extra/Extensions.mkext /Extra/Extensions
          To regenerate the cache in /S/L/E:
          sudo touch /System/Library/Extensions/

          Of course: backup often you kext and caches! 😉

          Of late I'm a bit lazy so sometimes I use "pfix".

          PS: I sent you an email at Next-Technologies. SwitchResX is still a mistery to me!

          Thanks for all your help. 🙂

        24. I have an ati x1300 graphics card and I just put Snow leopard on my computer. I only get one resolution 1400×1050. This is too big for my screen. I have tried to follow your directions at the top of the page with no luck.

        25. Beej, you are my hero! I used your technique to get my ATI X1300 graphics card working. I am so happy!

          I am quite new at this, and thanks to you, my adventure continuous. I was previously only getting MacOS X to boot using a very old graphics card that somehow worked natively.

          Just a tip to anybody who is still getting a kernel panic after these changes: make sure you do not have ATISupport.kext. If you do, you need to delete it.

        26. Eric, glad to hear the notes were useful for you.

          For the record, on my system, ATISupport.kext is indeed present and happy after the hacks have been applied. I've clarified this in my notes above.

        27. No luck for me with 10.6.7 as well. I am wondering if it is maybe because I am using PC EFI 10.5 and not 10.6? Thanks

        28. Can someone post a link or upload these kexts for me already hex edited? I have the same card as above.
          Dell JJ461 Low Profile ATI x1300 Pro, 256MB DDR2, PCI-E 1.0 x16, ID: 0x7183, GPU: RV516

          I would appreciate it a lot,

        29. Thanks, but I installed those kexts from fileserve.com and after it boots I can weird pixelated artifacts in the screen and mouse cursor makes the display even worse.. anyone have these hosted and modified as above that I can download and try??


        30. 1) Did you install via kexthelper so the kext cache was properly reinitialized?

          2) Those were for 10.6.7, are you running 10.6.7?

          3) Otherwise, you really should figure out how to edit your own kexts. It's no harder than say filing a 1040 tax form.

        31. I used Kext Helper and Kext Wizard without luck.

          I was running 10.6.3, is there that much of a difference with kexts between OS revisions?

        32. Nah, those version numbers can be completely ignored… i don't even know why vendors use version numbers… it's not like they ever change anything from version to version… or do they? hmmmm wait a minute, you might be on to something!

          actually yeah, i'm now sure of it… you're simply not up to the challenge of running your own hackintosh… do yourself a favor, just save up and buy a real one… you'll thank me for it… best of luck to ya… please lose this URL.

        33. I've updated my ATI1300Controller.kext with the device ID of my card, and the laptop screen has blanked out after the driver loads. I'm hoping I'll be able to fix it once I connect an external display.

        34. Been following your notes for installing an ATI X1300 on Snow Leopard 10.6.8. Here's what I found:

          *note* My ATI X1300 is Dell OEM, but uses PCI-ID 1002:7187. Has one DVI and one S-Video port. Listed as 256MB VRAM.

          Chameleon 2 RC4 r684:
          Add patched EVOenabler.kext in E/E, using "Caretta" as the codename. There are only 2 files in my E/E: EVOenabler and FakeSMC. No changes to com.apple.Boot.plist.
          Boots and QE/CI works. However System Profiler reports only 128MB VRAM. System will sleep, but fails to wake.

          Chameleon 2 RC5 + Azimutz:
          Not working. Boot fails with "ATI card non-POSTed". Possibly because this card's PCI-ID is not in Azimutz's patches.

          Any ideas on the sleep/wake issue?

        35. @McKibble – you're super lucky you have a 7187 card… that's native in the kexts (for XServe Macs apparently)… so you don't have to edit any ATI kexts… man that would be nice… you should be able to roll right into Lion…

          Yes, exactly, you need to get Azimutz to build you a [ATI|AMD]GraphicsEnabler.dylib pached to include 7187… he's adding them one by one, presumably to make the source code more specific this time around… he has fast turnaround… just drop him a message like i did on this thread (just search for x1300)

          I haven't gotten sleep to work yet either… i'm hopeful now that i've finally found a group that's custom tuning a dst.aml for my mobo… sleep is a very mobo specific bugaboo (your mobo's USB profile being slightly jacked is the classic culprit)… so you have to read up on someone that's gotten your specific mobo model to be happy.

          if Azimutz has moved on to better things by the time anyone else is reading this, hopefully it's not too bad to follow the source code and bin edit one of the other ID's to be yours.

        36. Beej,

          Do you know what EVOenabler injects on top of Chameleon (and Azimutz's patch) GraphicsEnabler?

          It's obvious that something in 10.6.8 (and Lion) has changed since 10.6.7 that needs the injections in EVOenabler that is not in Chameleon. I'm still trying to figure out the spinning pinwheel problem.

        37. Sorry, no, I haven't reached that level of familiarity yet. I borrowed a readily available HD 2400 XT and tried the widely published stuff… wound up with active screen but all black once it kicked into graphics mode out of the Darwin text boot… monitor was on and receiving an image, but all black… oh well, was worth a shot… i've been staring at the silent Sapphire HD 5670 (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814102902) a lot lately 🙂 There's definitely cheaper/more petite silent cards (e.g. HD 5450) but the idea of being able to fire up 3 screens has been a dream… don't all programmers dream in 30" LCD? 🙂 i believe that card would actually support both my current 24" on the DVI plus a Dell U3011 on the display port plus our projector on the HDMI (under Win7 of course)… the 10.7 HCL has a 5670 listed with zero tweaks required and it makes sense, it was stock hardware on the iMac circa 2010.

        38. Hello,
          Any ideas why I can no longer use DVI -> HDMI cable after making the changes for 10.6.8? on 10.6.7 it worked perfectly. I am using Evoenabler Syphrna framebuffer on RC4 684.
          I will have display on the HDMI cable until the desktop loads then I can only use DVI -> VGA adapter to see the screen and then I am unable to use the 1920x1200x32@60 resolution that I need, the best it does is 1600x1200x32@60 over the VGA cable (it does list 1920x1440x32@60 but my display looks terrible with that set as native is 1920×1200.
          Any ideas?

        39. My understanding is limited and patchy … Apparently Apple completely dropped the Megalodon framebuffer from v10.6.8 which previously kept our little x1300 copacetic. The remaining compatible framebuffers, Sphyrna and Caretta, don't do dual display and it's likely other display parameters like what you're experiencing were also jostled in the mix. I'd go hit up Azimutz with your question and see what kind of advice he gives.

        40. Hi, my name is jesus and I have a x1550 with 7183 id. I'm trying to install in a 10.6.8 (I' have a AMD PC, i can't lion). I try to use your metod but I am lost with evoenabler y Sphyrna and the atiframework.

          I dont't know where i have to write string spnyrna and if i have to change anything in evonabler. I know that i have to do but i don't understand what i have to do.

          I have changed ATIradeonx1000 and atiradeonx1300 with 0xEB.

          Thanks for your help and Im sorry with my english!!!!!!!!!!!

        41. Just open EvoEnabler.kext/Contents/Info.plist in any text editor and do a simple search-replace of "Alopias" with "Sphyrna" and then "Wormy" with "Sphyrna" (without the quotes)… the various copies of EvoEnabler i saw out there had either string… there will be multiple hits, just do them all.

        42. thank for your help!!!

          I did it. Now I can change resolution and I have graphics aceleration.

          One problem was mac configured x1550 as x1800 first time. I had to delete x1800 kext and Now I have all working.

          I have just saw string x1800 in evoenabler. do i have to change it? Anyway all works.

          i would invited a beer if i could

          Thanks again

        43. Awesome… it's a great feeling when it finally works isn't it?

          I'm glad you were resourceful about the x1800 kext… i did not have to do that but you do have a slightly different card… by all means keep experimenting to minimize your non vanilla footprint … fiddling with the x1800 string and reading up on what EvoEnabler's various other parameters affect.

          I now have a PayPal donations button (under my profile photo along the right) if you actually want to drop a few coins in the "thank you beer" kitty 🙂 Cheers!

        44. Thanks to
          Beej (http://www.beejblog.com/2010/03/ati-x1300-pro-on-mac-os-x-snow-leopard.html)
          Azimutz (http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php?topic=1959.0)

          I have a ATI X1300 Pro, 0x7183, with dual DVI and VGA (low profile, only heatsink)

          Trying under Lion 10.7.1, Chamaleon 2

          ⁃ download i386_1515 from Azimutz post http://forum.voodooprojects.org/index.php?topic=1959.0
          ⁃ copy ATiGraphicsEnabler.dylib to /Extra/modules
          ⁃ copy boot to /
          ⁃ edit /Extra/org.chamaleon.Boot.plist


          – edit /System/Library/Extensions/ATI1300Controller.kext/Contents/


          – download EVOEnabler.kext from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=214208
          – edit Info.plist

          (replace Alopias by Sphyrna o Caretta 6 times)

          – If I try to modify ATIRadeonX1000.kext (only the Info.plist) I got a kernel panic and the next
          isn't never loaded.
          – I dissembled ATIRadeonX1000 and the only place similar to "cmp edx, 7187h" is in
          offset @2D439 with "cmp eax, 7187h". I tried to replace 87 by 83, but as I'm receiving a
          kernel panic due to the Info.plist I can test.

          I have full resolution but I don't have QE/CI neither I can watch youtube videos.
          I can play chess, something strange because a lot of people says is something to check to know
          if QE/CI is working.

        45. @Ludacrisvp – sorry, not actively messing with the X1300 anymore… i went with a half height $30 Gigabyte ATI 5450 and haven't looked back… works on all FOUR ports (3 simul displays with DP) with a single ATI5000Injector.kext under Lion… i moved the passive cooler over from the X1300 and it seems to keep it cool enough… couldn't possibly ask for more for that price.

        46. Thanks for the update, I too have now moved on to an HIS ATI 5450 512mb card for 39.99 … for some reason OSX sees a 5430 card and it only does dual displays when it loads a generic framebuffer. Graphics Enabler says its supposed to have Elemuer or something close to that, I added the card to ATI5000 and the X3000 kexts to have QE/CI support. The frame rates are terrible though (150fps – 130fps running dual monitors at 1920x1200x32@60Hz and 1920x1080x32@60Hz) and OpenGL Extensions Viewer 4.0 sees it as "ATI Radeon Park LP Prototype OpenGL"
          So if I boot with GE=No I get dual displays over DVI->HDMI cable and VGA havent tried the actual HDMI port though. If I boot with GE=Yes I can have only one display, no mirroring either. I have tried 4 alternate frambuffers with the same results. Hoolock, Langur, Orangutan, Zonalis, and the default Elemuer all yield single monitor support.

          What is the ATI5000Injector that you are using? I ask as it may allow me to have a proper framebuffer loaded and have higher framerates. Not that I am using it for gaming or anything that needs really high framerates its just the animations of the Stacks on the Dock are kind of laggy and Launchpad transitions are slow. Then again that may just be the way it is with the resolutions I am running and the card being an econo card. In SL there didnt seem to be as much lag using the X1300.

        47. @Ludacrisp
          Here's my ATI5000Injector.kext… i didn't have to patch anything else, just Kext Helper'ed the injector into Sys-Lib-Ext.
          My SysInfo just says "ATI Radeon HD 5000" which is no better than yours… FYI, my Device ID = 0x68f9
          OpenGL Extensions Viewer (OEV) says "ATI Radeon Cedar PRO Prototype OpenGL Engine" – interesting, that's slighty different than yours… running its basic cube test in windowed mode on my main 1200p HDMI display was consistently 60 FPS when i allowed the cube test window to overlap the mac dock…with no overlap, it would be near 300 as was full screen mode… when i plugged in a second 720p HDMI projector (and restarted OEV), it did seem to knock it down a bit (275'ish).
          Somehow my Chameleon boot log says Megalodon framebuffer but i was under the impression (from Azimutz) that Megalodon was nixed in OSX 10.6.8 and higher… not sure what to make of that… is there a more definitive active framebuffer check?

        48. @Ludacrisp – this is the Gigabyte 5450 i got… it's still the same $40 price that your HIS was, is there still time to return it? If you're like me and have already well paid your blood, sweat and tears on an X1300 and you're going with another card to be done with all this frustration… then i think we deserve something as easy as this card. i don't know enough to speculate why your 5450 would be less cooperative. The Gigabyte shows no issues under Lion after running for several hours. in the interest of full disclosure, the only weird thing i've seen is under Win7, single display – the video driver will occasionally crash… i can always get it to recover with a few Windows-P iterations… and i've found that it doesn't seem to happen if i run two displays with extended desktop… interesting, since that would seem to be the more taxing configuration of the two. It is a nicely appointed card with TWO HDMI's plus VGA plus DisplayPort. And the mounting pins on the heat spreader make it pretty easy to canibalize the fanless heat spreader from the x1300 so we don't have to put up with any additional noise signature.

        49. Beej….I am running 10.6.2 with ATI X1300 Pro and I am baffled how you got it to ger a resolution higher than 1024×768…I used the Text editor to change the info.plist values to 7183…..now the kext file after reboot is no longer there….This is the onlything my system in lacking. I am getting more despressed by the day after 23 complete mac reinstalls to recover from Panics, and 3+ days working on it. I am plain baffled.

        50. according to my notes above i jumped in on 10.6.3 so i'd go ahead and rule out that you're on a known good version number since that's such an easy thing to do… why are you not going right up to 10.6.8 for that matter?

          besides text changes to info.plist you have to hex edit the ATIRadeonX1000.kext/MacOS/ATIRadeonX1000 … you didn't mention that so i'm wondering if you're one of those jokers that can't follow the basics? sorry, but there's more of those out there than not… and frankly, it's hard to have much pity… folks like that were born to simply buy a real mac… those basic mods are spelled out as succinctly as they could possibly be… the kext file being outright gone is weird… maybe it's just become a hidden file somehow… "ls -al" from terminal would be a quick way to determine if they're there but hidden… even if the Darwin boot doesn't load them, it leaves them in place… otherwise what tool are you using to install the kexts? I prefer "Kext Utility" especially now there's a lion compatible version… the, perhaps non obvious, usage is that you drag the kexts onto Kext Utility icon (preferably in your Dock) to install them… so copy them to your desktop, edit them there and then drag them on to KextUtil to install… i do know what you mean about the time wasted… this game really requires one to pay (in blood, sweat and tears) to play… i spent forever banging my head on the leap from 10.6.8 to 10.7… as close as it seems, i don't think anybody has cracked it for this little card yet… and it's such a cute little capable card 🙂 but frankly, the $30-$40 ATI 5450's are just as cute and work like a champ… are you sure your time is so worthless that you can't justify $40… to simply be done with this silly game and running the very latest shiny 10.7.2?

          lastly, absolute rebuilds are fairly avoidable if you use the trick of having a working backup OS that you boot into and restore known good kexts in place of the busted ones… Windows + MacDrive works pretty easy… fire up the trial and see how far you can get… even simply deleting the bad kexts and booting into a less than optimal environment works sometimes… you can often get into safe mode (via -x at your chameleon boot screen) and delete the bad kexts out of the way from there… follow the helpful default advice to diskcheck and mount the sys volume… then just rm -R pathname.kext

          any of that help?

        51. It is certainly good advice to take if you can.
          I did find out some more information about the HIS card that I am using. HIS claims that it is a 5450 card, however the device ID reveals that it is actually a 5430M card that is using the elemuer framebuffer as default however i am assuming that since this is a mobile card on a desktop platform things are different and that is why loading the generic framebuffer yields multiple displays and the proper one does not. While this card does work in 10.7.2 I would suggest to anyone out there to avoid the HIS-5450 card.
          Model information is H545HO512
          HIS 5450 Silence 512MB (32 bit) DDR3 PCI-E
          Note: it lists 32 bit in the string but works fine in 64bit mode kernel in Lion 10.7.2

        52. Hey man.

          I'm on 10.6.8. Edited both of the ATI1300Controller.kext and ATIRadeonX1000.kext info.plist files, plus hex edited the ATIRadeonX1000.kext as you detailed. I have also edited the info.plist in EVOENABLER.kext, which lives in my Extra folder setting the IOPCIMatch0x71831002

          However, even when booting with -f and -v I still am having no joy with QE/CI.

          I have tried using Chameleon RC3 and RC4 with GraphicsEnabler but neither works. I am now on RC5 by Dr Hurts from downloaded TonyMac (and had to rename my com.apple.Boot.plist to org.chameleon.Boot.plist) but when I try and register on Voodoo Projects it keeps preventing me giving me an anti-spam error message, even if I try and register via a proxy. As such I cannot get the ATI enabler modules for RC5.

          Can you help me at all? If you still have the Snow Leopard files that worked for you with the X1300, would you be able to zip them up and email me them? Hope you can help 🙂

        53. Through the system profiler on Vanilla SL.

          I've got your zip file and installed your Kexts and lo and behold it works, using the older Chameleon RC3/RC4 (can't remember which it is I have installed now!). As long as I have the EVOEnabler.kext in my Extras dir, I have a translucent menu bar and QE CI! I was positive I'd edited the two ATI Kexts properly and done the HEX editing, but obviously I messed something up.

          Thanks so much for your help 🙂

        54. @Beej

          I am been reading your guide and still having issues trying to get everything working. I have successfully installed Lion, however, I always have to boot in safemode. If I don't boot in safe mode, I get black screen with cursor. I am guessing this is due to the graphics card.

          I have ATI Radeon X1300 256MB graphics card (vendor ID = 0x1002 and device ID: 0x7146.) installed on my Dell 745. In your guide you said to change to device id in the info.plist life. However, my device id is 7146 and it is already listed… Could my issue be because I don't have the correct EVOEnabler.kext? The EvoEnabler is downloaded and installed into /E/E doesn't have any string which contains Sphyrna/Caretta/Wormy/. Please help, every confused.

        55. As the title indicates, I never made it past 10.6.8 on x1300 and went with another cheap AT 5450 card to get into Lion (topmost paragraph).

          With that said, if you want to keep trying:
          Snag this EVOEnabler, and replace Alopias with Sphyrna in the info.plist… make sure you use the latest Kext Utility that is now well aligned with Lion (even 10.8).

          Lion+Cameleon2 doesn't use E/E so you'll want to install anything you do want to fiddle with directly into S/L/E… including EVOEnabler.

          I had no trouble installing/booting Lion w/o any x1300 kexts loaded; running in a low end default graphics mode (definitely no resolution or QE/CI)… and Lion seems to still have enough similar looking bits that would lend one to think it would play with x1300 but whenever I would bin patch ATIRadeonX1000.kext to bring it into play, I would always wind up at dead white screen at best (the ATI1300Controller.kext seemed to be happy)… sometimes even with a mouse cursor but never further (always seemed close, but no cigar)… and i tried a TON of stuff… even more taunting, I had an old stolen MacBook Pro returned recently, it lists an x1600 and runs Lion just fine.

          I can definitely recommend the ATI 5450 series for cheap, easy, low-end entry. I'm a stickler about using hardware to the last drop, but one has to ask oneself what the point is when you're spending day after day to avoid a well known solution @ $40. Since the 5450 is patched in with a separate enabler kext it's less likely to get stepped on by an upgrade than the binary edits the x1300 process required. Latest 10.7.3 upgrade went very well. I did have audio issues but I figured them out pretty quick.

          Good luck.

        56. @Beej,

          Success!!! I downloaded the EVOEnabler.kext from the link you sent me. I replaced Alopias with Sphyrna, and put it E/E. I didn't have to modify ATI1300Controller.kext or ATIRadeonX1000.kext since my device ID was already listed in the vanilla kext. QE/CI works also!! I haven't updated to 10.7.3 to see if it will still be working, but will post results once I do so!

          One question still remains: I know you said I need to replace with Sphyrna (if I have dual link DVI) and Caretta (if I have single link DVI). However I still don't know what it means to have dual/single. Which one do I use? Sphyrna or Caretta?

        57. That's amazing news. So you've fired up something that for sure uses QE/CI? My most rock solid test is iMovie but that costs something. Otherwise flipping the flag to remove the dashboard from spaces and then dropping a widget to see the ripple is my other tried and true test.

          There are so many variations of the X1300, it's cool to see that at least one does actually carry into Lion. I had tried hacking mine to be a 7142 device id (since it's always the first in the info.plist's) with the ATI Win Flash to see what happened with vanilla kexts, but I still dead ended at blank white screen. If I had the strength, it would be yet another try to see if 7146 was somehow more magically aligned.

          It would be a really nice payback if you used RaBiT to download your ROM and make that available so others might see what's different about your card that makes it copacetic.

          Thanks for posting your results. Every little bit helps those in need.

          Dual link DVI is the "double wide" version that's required to drive a 2560×1600 display like the 30-inchers. Since yours is working, no reason to worry further… until you get your 30-inch… we all deserve a 30-inch… or two 🙂

        58. Here is that DevID 7146 BIOS.ROM file for an ATI x1300 that actually worked with full QE/CI under 10.7.x, in case that helps anyone. Thank you ZZ 🙂 FYI- RaBiT doesn't appear to be x64 compatible so for all of us on Win7 x64, use ATI Win Flash instead.

        59. hey Beej, I am Kext stupid….. I am sooo close to having this working I was wondering if there was a time you could use teamviewer and help me with what your talking about because I am in over my head I got pretty far and have everything working except my resolution won't go higher than 1024 X 768 and youtube videos won't play…..would you mind helping me out???? email if you wish @ josh@joshakin.com, I am willing to work around your schedule… thanks in advance. I got Ethernet, Sound, Wifi, friggin even updated to 10.7.3 with no issues…..thanks for everything above its really been helpful to get me this far!

        60. ati radeon mobility x1350 on 10.6.8:
          copy your patched atiradeonx1000 and all x1000 kexts and IONDRVSupport from 10.6.7,in 10.6.8 delete atiframebuffer and atisupport,add your edid in radeonHD on both places,insert those files you'v copied from 10.6.7 + radeonHD with your edid in S/L/E of 10.6.8..fix permision and chache,restart and have qe/ci and full resolution support

          didn't test this on other cards,but all x1000 might work with this method

        61. in 10.6.3 it had my ATI X1000 in 0x7183 working 100%. to to load the system law something on ATY_Init. WHEN updating to osx 10.6.8 I stop working graphical support. load with EVOENABLER publishing but not yet it. help

        62. Get resolution and support QE on 10.6.7 with ATY_Init 32 Bits, ATIRadeonX1000.kext and ATI1300Controller.kext, however in version 10.6.8 I followed exactly all the instructions but I have no QE support resolution nor shall this be I have installed Chameleon to RC4 as in version 10.6.7 …. I decided to lower patch for Chameleon RC5 azimutz R1329 but could not find the file either in google or in your forum so I went down to speak Legacy RC5 chameleon but now the system does not boot and says ATI_Non_posted_card message and the system is locked until that point . please help I'm from Chile – Iquique and do not speak English well.

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