Google Wave – WOW

For all you folks working on any kind of collaboration solution, this seems like THE thing to have on your radar… It’s not just a standalone product but an API to be woven into our own mashups. Here’s the gen-x attention span version… very handy to start getting a quick feel.Watch the long video directly on YouTube so you can maximize it.Seems like this was announced this May (at the Google “I/O”  ’09 conference).

Just a sampling of immediate highlights:
  • EVER-Y-THING is REALTIME!!!  anybody watching the “Wave” space can make edits (think of it as very robust chat) and everybody also gets to see all the updates being made in realtime…
  • folks that are then invited to the wave later can “replay” the collaborative edits from start to finish with change tracking highlights to call out each edit
  • it’s combined eMail & IM in same space
  • Everyone eMail-like response thread get hierarchically structured (ala forums)
  • The “extensions” that have already been developed to run atop the Wave API are amazing…
  • Like at the very end of the demo… they show a chat with instant language translation!! … one person chats in english which translates to the other guy in french (and vice versa) and they can both type and see what they’re saying in real time… the other web mashups where they enhance existing online services (e.g. bug tracker site) with Wave’s realtime collaboration abilities are very drool worthy


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