WinAmp Play History Blog “Badge”

update: alas, yahoo pipes is no more : (


  • So hopefully you’re already a WinAmp fan if you’re reading this but if not, load up the latest WinAmp (v5.56 at the moment)
  • Orgler is the name for WinAmp’s recent Play History plug-in
  • Sign up for a account via the Orgler options menu shown below (this provides the bucket for your personal play history data… takes 2 seconds, no fee)
  • Play some music 🙂
  • (a) Your feed will start showing up at a URL like this:
  • Now here’s the fun part… fire up Yahoo Pipes
  • Search for Orgler and you should find my published pipe that already does the right filtering
  • Clone it and replace the “Fetch Page” URL with your own like (a) above
  • Then you can publish it to your blog with various badges… sure wish I could show you a screenshot of that but the Yahoo gods appear to have the pipe usage quota dialed way down low… I run into 999 errors all over the place.
  • I didn’t have any luck with the specific Blogger badge… never changed from a continual “working on it…” style generic Pipes image… So I just went with a plain vanilla RSS feed widget.

    image image image

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