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Here’s the main page for the receiver only products (so called “OEM”) 10x (BlueTooth) – this is the one Andrew and I have

  • I finally got it to work well with my WinXP BlueTooth stack by turning off “AUTO CONNECT” checkbox buried under the BlueTooth virtual serial port properties
  • Andrew has always said it works well with his HP WinCE based hand held
  • Runs on a rechargeable battery so you do have to tether it (with included USB cable) every once in a while to recharge
  • Garmin also included the cigarette lighter power adapter in my package… Pretty sure I wound up with two of these due to a screwed up initial shipment so I have a spare in case you don’t wind up with one… cigarette lighter to mini-usb is kindof a handy thingy to have in general these days… would charge other USB power based stuff like MP3 players etc.
  • $107 retail
  • Garmin GPS 10x Receiver for mobile devices
  • The annoying thing is I managed to find an actual link where it was posted as $50… BUT I DIDN’T SAVE THE DANG LINK <ARG!>
  • Cheapest new street price I’ve seen is around $80 (from reputable vendors like, etc)
  • eBay has a refurb for $50 at the moment

I still wonder if USB might be slightly easier to deal with than waiting for BlueTooth to connect, especially if you’re primarily using in a static environment like a car and it avoids the rechargeable battery dance so here’s a couple of those… 20x (USB)

  • $70 retail
  • this seems to be the one Garmin “recommends” for their PC oriented mapping products

18x (USB)

  • $85 retail
  • says it’s magnetic to hold onto your dash or something

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