WebDrive (WebDAV client… that actually works!)

i was having a heck of a time trying to get “net use * http://myhost.com” type WebDAV client mounts to connect… all that would ever work would be http://localhost … nothing i tried would connect to my WAN ip… always something like “System error 5… access is denied”… then i thought, ah what the heck, gotta google it… and sure enough… loaded the trial of WebDrive from South River Technologies simple little gui popped up, hit ok and two seconds later i was sitting on a W: drive in explorer… Right Mouse > New > Text Document worked, so i had write capability… obviously i had to twiddle some bits on the IIS end too but that was mainly just a matter following any typical IIS WebDAV walkthrough guide… cool, $60 for a one off license is reasonable…oh yeah, it’ll also map a drive letter to an FTP Server, Amazon S3 and SharePoint… i leave you with… ahhhhh yes the logo
UPDATE: plain vanilla “net use…” command worked straight away from an XP machine at work… so the security bits somehow weren’t lined up to let me be a WebDAV client on the Windows 7 instance i was testing with as my WebDAV IIS host… moving along…nothing to see here 😉
UPDATE 2: still gotta hand it to WebDrive… plain vanilla “net use” mounted WebDAV drives are running through Microsoft’s “WebDAV redirector” layer (aka the “WebClient” NT Service)… and it does work for small files, but large files (e.g. 250MB) tend to go off in lala land while doing the transfer (i.e. progress bar was useless) and failed consistently… WebDrive has a much more robust caching/chunky upload facility with a slick UI that shows actual progress bar… it did still fail after multiple attempts of my big test file so i had to split up into smaller chunks (e.g. 30MB) but the progress visibility WebDrive provides along with automatic retries is definitely worth something.

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  1. I am trying to set up WebDrive network drive to use with sharepoint and have run into the following problems:

    1. I can connect to the intranet on my office desktop directly connected to our network, but cannot connect at home through our VPN. Is this related to firewall(s) settings? I get the following WebDrive error message:
    Connecting to site MDA Intranet
    Connecting to http://gator/projects
    Resolving url gator to an IP address
    Url resolved to IP address
    Connecting to on port 80
    Connected successfully to the server on port 80

    Unable to connect to server, error information below

    Error: Logon to server failed. (4505)
    Operation: Connecting to server
    Server Response: 401 Unauthorized
    2. Some software operates correctly with the web directory when I open a file stored in sharepoint. I have problems with others. I can open an existing MS Word and Excel directly from the sharepoint directory and edit them, but when I try to save the revision, I get a permission error. I have tried to rename the file, but still run into the same problem. I also have the same problem when I try to save new Word and Excel files. Is there something peculiar to MS files that I can work around?
    3. I have also tried to save data files used with some of our analytical software. One program uses Microsoft database files (MDB file type). It appears that I cannot store that file type in the sharepoint directory. Is that correct? Is there a work-around other than renaming the file ending from .mdb to .something_else (which appears to work)?

    Can anyone recommend a consultant that could help me work through these problems?

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