(Fairly) Quick & Painless Streaming of Your Local Audio

Here’s the basic pieces I plugged together:

  • MediaMonkey is my preferred mp3 player: www.MediaMonkey.com
    1. MediaMonkey supports WinAmp API plugins which provides an excellent pool to draw nifty add-ons from
  • EdCast (formerly “OddCast”) comes in various implementations, one of which is a WinAmp plugin that sends your current song to a ShoutCast (or IceCast) server: http://www.oddsock.org/tools/edcast/
    1. I chose the EdCast plugin versus ShoutCast’s own plugin because EdCast got the song name and artist to come through Media Monkey and ShoutCast’s plugin has a known issue that this feature only works with WinAmp
  • ShoutCast DNAS (Distributed Network Audio Server) – streams the audio out to clients: http://www.shoutcast.com/download-files


  • Drop the EdCast plugin into Program FilesMediaMonkeyPlugins
  • Fire up your Monkey and get some tunes rolling
  • Then in Monkey > Tools > Options > Player > DSP Plugins > edcast DSP…
    1. Click on the meter in the middle of the dialog to turn on the
    2. Hit “Add Encoder” and then right click the entry to configure for MP3 and
      localhost, change password to what you want
    3. Personalize your stream on the YP Settings
  • Now install the ShoutCast server and fire that up
  • Cruise through the config file via the menu option in that GUI… it’s very self explanatory and all the defaults are good… probably just have to make sure you get the password lined up with what you put in the plugin config
  • Then just browse to http://yourserveraddress:8000/listen.pls from another machine and it’ll fire up your local media player (if you’ve got .pls associated of course)
  • There’s some interesting stuff kicked out as a default web page if you browse to http://yourserveraddress:8000… including an admin page where you can monitor listeners, etc.
  • The default DNAS config automatically publishes you to the global ShoutCast directory (so you might want to watch your intake from that vector victor 🙂
  • PS- The main reason I did this was so I could listen to my tunez at work w/minimal effort 🙂

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  1. Ok it's been a while since I've done all this so I just re-installed the latest versions of MediaMonkey (v2.2.1300) and EdCast (WinAmp plugin v3.1.21) and the first time through it was indeed _NOT_ showing up in the list of DSP plugins… From here on "C:PFMM" corresponds to "C:Programs FilesMediaMonkey".

    I banged around on various things… output from Microsoft's Dependency Walker (gives a quick feel for what DLLs are required), and the debug version of Media Monkey outputting to Microsoft DbgView (simply confirms the dsp_edcast.dll load failure, no other useful info that I could see, MediaMonkey seems a bit shallow here) … I initially tried brute force coping of all potential DLLs into C:PFMM and Plugins to no avail.

    Dependency Walker showed me that C:PFMMsp_edcast.dll had two missing system DLL dependencies: mfc80.dll and msvcr80.dll… a quick Google hit on MS KB961894, so I installed the corresponding Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package… it didn't seem to help at first (but it might have been involved in the ultimate success 🙂

    I already had WinAmp installed so next I installed EdCast to the default c:Program FilesWinAmp folder and EdCast actually fired up right away… hmmm that was reassuring… so I did a clean re-install of Media Monkey and EdCast… I was going to run down the list of DLL's loaded into WinAmp's process space (via Microsoft Process Explorer) and was planning on copying any obviously missing DLLs over to c:PFMM… but lo and behold, EdCast was now listed under the DSP plugins and it's configuration dialog popped up fine.

    It's not clear what actually did the trick… maybe installing to the default C:PFWinAmp folder as well as C:PFMM kicks something the right way?? Maybe just firing it up in WinAmp first helps??

    Good luck, I'd be interested to hear your results.

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